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On May 13th 2016 the Florida Community of Excellence Conference and Awards Gala was held in West Palm Beach, Fl. The Florida Communities of Excellence Awards are presented annually to Condominium, HOA, and cooperative communities that demonstrate excellence in 1 of 12 categories. The Florida Communities of Excellence Awards is the first and only comprehensive, independent recognition program for the tens of thousands of community associations throughout Florida. The program enables the top communities in the state to promote their accomplishments and raise their profiles while documenting their success and enabling others to learn from their examples.

One award in each category is presented to large communities over 400 homes and one to small communities up to 400 homes. In addition to this the Manager of Excellence Awards are also presented to the top managers at communities throughout Florida who have distinguished themselves as leaders within their industry. Each category was judged by a select panel of independent experts chosen from educators, consultants, public officials, and professionals within each industry. The experts have given their time to study the submissions and select winners.

Royal Harbor P.O.A in Tavares, Fl was very proud to learn they were a finalist and winner in the category of Civic Volunteerism and Advocacy. The Community of Royal Harbor P.O.A has learned to connect the needs and volunteers through an internal interactive website. One of their largest charitable organizations is Camp Boggy Creek with more than 60 residents volunteering their time every week making bears and blankets for the campers. This camp is for chronically ill children. Resident groups at RH also serve with Women’s Education, Special Olympics, food banks, Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, Tavares Public Schools, Florida Waterman Hospital, Anna Miller Circle, EAA Young Eagles program and other charities that are not listed. Throughout the community there is a program that was initiated by the residents called Neighbors Helping Neighbors that provides assistance for those in the community that have health challenges.